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Art Requirements

1.     Artwork must be formatted in these versions of:
        • Adobe Illustrator 12 (CS2) or lower
        • Quark Xpress 6.5 or lower
        • Adobe InDesign 4 (CS2) or lower
        • Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or lower
        • Adobe PageMaker 7 or lower

2.     Scanned images must be compatible with Adobe PhotoShop 9.0 (CS2) or lower

3.     Most EPS files can be imported to these programs for output. For trapping purposes, please include the original file the EPS file was made from.

4.     All fonts appearing in the art or document must be included. All fonts should be TYPE 1 POSTSCRIPT fonts, not True Type fonts. Both screen fonts and printer fonts in its suitcase must be included.

5.    Style menus should NOT be used in Quark XPress to create type effects such as italics and drop shadows.

6.     3.5" floppy, 100/250 MB Zip, or CD-ROM disks are acceptable. Files can also be sent via email (orders@envmore.com) or through FTP at www.envmore.com

7.    Please include a print-out of the disk directory, hardcopy of the document, and a list of colors used.


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